Do You Know? 10 Facts About Wine

Certainly already be familiar with the benefits provided by the wine. Namely, he is the favorite drink of many, but we are sure that there are some things about him that you did not know. So, next time you drink wine with your friends, make the atmosphere more interesting so that you share these strange facts …

1. Not all wines are Vegetarian. Some pass through the filtering process using unscheduled animal products such as gelatin.

2. There is a Kit-Kat chocolate wine. But it can find only in Japan and the Amazon.

3. Italy recently has a free, 24-hour fountain that flows wine.

4. “Drinking in someone’s honor,” dates back to ancient Greece. Then the host should drink the first glass of wine to show the guests had no intention of poison.

5. toasting began in ancient Rome. That is, when the Romans placed a piece of baked bread in each bowl to mitigate excessive acidity.


6. The oldest bottle of wine is really old. Specifically, it dates back to 325 AD and is on display at a museum in Speyer, Germany.

7. Code of Hammurabi (1800 BC) had a law about wine. False sellers of wine should be punished by drowning in the river.

8. Women are better tasting wine. Since tasting has a great relationship with the scent, women (especially those of childbearing) are better able to identify and distinguish between certain smells than men.

9. Not all wines become better over the years. In fact, 90 percent of the wines should be consumed within a year of production.

10. There is a fear of wine and called Oenophobia


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