Confession; I Know That The Current Situation I Really Like

What happens when a sailor on board a woman eager for action?

I always liked to experiment in life, especially in sex. I’m curious by nature, I am much interested in that, but how does one live, I want to try.

In the early twenties and I can boast that I have already tried a lot of things but one thing I’m not in bed, but she was my desire. I have not tried it, until recently.

Ever since puberty, I realized that I was attracted to older women. By this, I mean the women in their forties. I think this is nothing abnormal because I noticed that my other peers attract mature women just as mature women attracted to younger men. Some chemistry apparently exists.

How I decided that there is nothing that will not materialize and I decided you and this fantasy spend in reality. It’s not like you can on the street approached one such woman and say here in bed in the evening by going out and not just see more mature women, so I decided to help contact one of the agencies to connect partners. I do not see anything shameful, especially now that I’ve had success. Simply, these agencies serve just to connect people like me, people who have some specific desires that can not be so easy to accomplish.


I picked up the phone, called the 064 number (no Hotline) and he joined the agency. It is not difficult, you leave your physical data and basic desires. Pleasant voice on the other side told me to wait a little while and look for before I knew it but I merged with the more pleasant voice woman of my dreams. Connect me with Mrs. of 44 years which was the desire “to try” boys.

Madame, call Mary, she told me that she was married to a seaman who, of course, often not at home and that she has needs that wish to meet. Ideally! Why younger, I asked. The answer was exactly the way I wanted – because they are younger durable. I do not know, I always thought that the more mature women prefer younger men as they returned to the youth. Quite unnecessarily thinking if so, because I thought, just like most young, that there is nothing sexier than a woman in her forties.


Here we have a little talk about our desires and come to the conclusion that we are not what we need. We made a deal maker and I eagerly waited for the weekend when we were supposed to meet. I think I will never forget those moments when I expected Maria to come. My heart mug like crazy, I was sweating and I was most afraid that I Marija experience. By the time she showed up I think my tongue dropped to the floor. I must have looked very funny because Mary cracked with laughter when she saw me, and fortunately for me, my her reaction was very nice. In front of me was my dream, very attractive brunette seductive curves, even sexier than I had imagined.

WOMAN WHO does not waste time

To be honest, I do not know what we were talking about, because my eyes were permanently adhesive for her deep cleavage, and in my underwear has been extremely tight. Luckily, Mary has also been impatient, we quickly ended up in the apartment. What happened next was definitely not the newspaper but I discovered sex in the true sense of the word. Not that I was inexperienced, indeed, I have always felt very experienced for his age but I just realized that this is nothing compared to what I experienced with Mary!

Our adventure here, of course, was not the end. The next two weeks, day and night I was in her apartment, I forgot all obligations in college or as it’s more important than this. The two weeks I had the most wonderful thing in my life and the damage they flew so fast.

Husband returned

After two weeks, her husband returned to the ship. We will be here for a while and then continue with our games. If you are wondering how I am not ashamed, because I’m a married lady answer is – no. Why would it be? If she wants it, means that something is missing in their marriage. And I’m glad to have someone for me feel fulfilled and happy, so why not. After all, it is known that most of the first sailors in ports running brothels, and that Mary had told me, she suspects that her husband is no exception. So if he is entitled to “trip”, it has the right she was. It should maintain equality, right?

I am happy because I made one wish though this means a lot more than the fulfillment of desire. I must admit that I am now a regular girl more sexually not interested. What kind of sex when their minds just as they should not spoil the hairstyle, makeup, too? Now when I met the real meaning of the word sex, all-day indulgence in pleasures, do not want to stop that. How will it all end? I do not know, but I know that my present condition very like.

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