Cleavage of Wood


Wood has more of its mechanical properties, such as, for example, cleavage.

On the capacity of wood have an impact rings and cross section. Among the noteworthy features of the wood and its cleavage. What is again depending on the type of wood and of humidity due to which the possible differences in quality among the same species.

Cleavage of wood

1.Extraordinary fissile wood: silver poplar.

2. Very fissile wood: spruce, fir, pine.

3. Easy fissile wood: pine, alder, aspen, oak, horse chestnut, linden.

4. Weights fissile wood: beech, chestnut, walnut.

5.  Something harder fissile wood: pine, hornbeam, plum.

6  Fissile hard wood ash, maple.

7.  Very difficult fissile wood: hornbeam, birch, elm.

8.  Special fissile hard wood: yew, sycamore, cherry.

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