Christmas story about the girl in the market

Some think it crossed my mind, I returned back to the Christmas time, while the outside was cold and we were home happily around the table. Today, while I was waiting for the order, the man in front of me stood and waited to pay their products, the hand is holding a little girl no more than 5 years old .. A girl was calm and quiet, wearing a red coat and a red cap, was cute. As she watched upod, lifted her head and told her father, “let me take a look once again mom, man was dressed in a black coat, he bent down and opened the wallet there was a picture of a woman young and beautiful with a half smile on his face, I realized that her mother was.

Knowing eager, I followed the whole picture, a scene that is remembered … The guy took the daughter into his arms and quietly told her “Do not be sad, mom sees us from above. It is now with the angels, and she looks forward now because Christmas is coming and the house we have a beautiful Christmas tree for the New Year and that Santa Claus bring you beautiful gift because you were a good girl. ” I went out behind them and watched as they disappeared into the crowd, stood and remembered that we are all happy when we are home, all around the table.

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