Sparkling wines are over-represented in carbon dioxide as a product of extra alcohol fermentation or can be artificially added to the wine. Such fault when opening the bottle emits carbon dioxide in the wine foams and therefore receives the name sparkling wines.
Sparkling wines can be of two types:
Natural and soft.
ch3Largest producer of natural sparkling wine in the world is France. There the start of this type of wine subsidizes from 300 years ago. Best known area in which to produce the sparkling wine is Champagne city, hence its name champagne. Interestingly champagne that only wines produced in the Champagne city must bear that name



Carbonated sparkling wines.Aerated sparkling wines are produced from high quality wines grown they added carbon dioxide artificially. These wines in the world and growing population are known as pearls.Producing basis of fizzy wines commonly used high quality wines such as Riesling, Semillon and Sauvignon.


ch1Wine can create a lot of drinks that enrich the everyday life of man, table wine is never sad.

I quote the thought of a great lover of wine that we all respect:
My way of life is simple. Always have on hand a bottle of wine and roast lamb – I am glad to share with each guest   


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