Carefully How You Are Doing Manicure

When it comes to nail polish, women are generally classified into 3 categories -one that as soon as they notice the least damage to rush to manicure the repair because the nails must always look perfectly, the ones that the manicure and pedicure leaving only special occasions and those last ones is in no way burden the nails and not see a problem in that they paint themselves or that they do not paint.

To keep nails in which a better and healthier state, paint them, you should not more frequently than once a week, and you have a Brazilian manicure when he removed the nail cuticle, this should be repeated to manicure than once a month, otherwise you too much damage itself cuticle and pull various infections.

As Gel nails are concerned, it is allowed to go to a manicure twice a month, but not more often than that. Of course, needless to say, is always a welcome break from taking a manicure, especially if you notice that your nails are too brittle, fragile, thin, yellow, weakened … Stock up on oils and creams for care and regularly use them between visits to a manicure – your nails will be thankful.

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