Bizarre : Injecting Oil Into Muscles

OK, we understand the bodybuilders and their sometimes excessive exercise in the gym. Whatever opinion had about them, we have to pay them recognition for what they do because it certainly put a lot of effort.

But what happens when their muscles are not really real muscles built in the gym? In other words, when they “cheat”? Some men for a large muscle mass are ready even to inject oil into the muscle tissue. In addition to being the painful process, oil injection is dangerous.

Exaggerate it, judge for yourself!


Valdir Segato risked his life by injecting are painful injections stola. Inspired by the Hulk, the main character in the film The Incredible Hulk. Although by his fellow citizens called Monster, is proud of her appearance.



Arlindo de Souza has injected a cocktail of mineral oil and alcohol in his shoulder. Doctors say it is very dangerous for their health and that heavy drug user as he threatened amputation and even death.


Romario Dos Santos Alves injecting  a mixture, oil, painkillers, and alcohol in the muscles. Visually scored amazing results. Because his family was stopped with it. He says it is because of any impairment of mental health and almost cost him his life.



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