Be Sure To Read This Before The Wedding (only for men)

Modern man should never be dependent on the opposite sex when it comes to basic housework. Learn about laundry and women in your life will you observe with new eyes. This job is not only easy, but also has a double benefit: your life better half will be at least a shade lighter, and maybe you will finally win in one of the constant debate over who works more around the house. Lesson number one: do not let the dirty clothes accumulate to the point that you no longer have absolutely what to wear


Organizational Sciences

Laundry should be approached as a fun math. It is a question of logical organization, and as you follow these steps, you can all be done very quickly!

sorting machine
The separation of light from the colored parts of the wardrobe is essential if your prettier half has a lot of red or pink clothing. If you are not willing to wear pale pink boxer shorts to work, or even worse, to the gym, make this an easy task before things end up in the washing machine. But this is not the end. You should carefully read what is written on the labels of clothes. Can monitors at high temperatures her sexy lace women’s bra along with his white socks for football – unless you want to be labeled that you are incompetent.

Washing clothes
Remember that the lid of detergent commonly used as a measure. It does not matter whether you are going to hit milliliter amount – after a few washes you will gain the necessary experience in the store and you will learn how to hit the right deal. Note the temperature of the water. If you want to save energy, always wash with cold water – this will preserve the color and clothing, and reduce shrinkage (in this case is not true that a well-known male rule of cold water and reducing). Hot water is only recommended when washing white laundry.

If you notice a difficult stain (coffee or grass), rub some of the funds to remove the most stubborn stains. Use bleach only with whites, no matter how bad the stain looks. Make sure the label. Feel free to sort the items just prior to washing. Be sure to read the label on the manner laundry. Use a dryer, because only a few delicate materials, such as silk, have to be dried naturally

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