At The Door Of Her Apartment- story

At the door of her apartment, he left their worries and fears, fears what he carried in himself because there was always afraid he would be alone. Dilemmas are it right, is it that what is dreamed of, is that this is what he wants. He came to her with stories to tell, to relax, to be calm. She was his best friend, more than a sister, more than a mother or whatever they may be. Shelter as a big tree with a large crown, which protects in the middle of summer, relax in the sun, the tree is what the non-surrender, nor the wind, nor rain, nor winter thread summer, it was his friend.
And this afternoon when the same every time, he arrived at the door of her apartment, rang, and allow it to open the door to see her smile, to say come on, smiling face, or not, the door was closed and still has not heard anything from in. He waited a few moments but then nothing, silence reigned, loud silence, knocked on the door, only an echo of the stairs listening floor. He stood alone in front of the door seemed to him as if it were an eternity. He knocked once more, again the same, only this time he opened the door neighbor, to her apartment, poked the head of white hair, an older woman I quietly said she moved out.
He could not believe what he heard excitedly asked how, when, where? A lot of questions, but there was no answer. Neighbor’s closed door. As he crashed the whole world on its head.
He sat on the stairs and back up against the wall. All he has turned around in his head. He thought to himself, talking to himself as he beside her always found peace of all these fears and doubts, but he never wondered why she was always alone, and why she never, ever asked for anything, and she so much to me. He sat so his head against the wall and stared nowhere, he said quietly, almost silently, what a fool I am, what a fool I am, he repeated to himself.
He got up, he did not know where he will, he turned to the door of her apartment and talked to himself, thank you, thank you for being always there when I needed you, thank you for believe me when no one, thank you for all your patience and comfort you gave me, thank you, and what a fool I am.

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