After This, Consider Carefully Whether You Want to borrow headphones … I would Not

Sharing headphones with other people can be very dangerous. Read more and why …
The ears are full of wax, dead skin cells and bacteria, and sharing headphones leads to the exchange of these substances, but also contributes to the development of numerous infections.

Over the past few years, the popularity of the handset becomes greater. They are practical, discreet, and those of the upper classes offer great sound. However, the handset is also a source of significant health problems with the ears of those who use them regularly, but completely wrong.

Headphones certainly can not be washed, therefore, can be the source of many infections. The research is published in the journal “Journal of Health and Allied Sciences found that present users in the ear are 40% more bacteria in the ear canal, as opposed to those who do not use headphones.

If ear too much bacteria, which can cause serious health problems, including total loss of hearing.

Frequent use of headphones that have previously used other people leads to the ears become more susceptible to various infections.

According to ENT headset in the ear and how it can be transmitted infection and the person who uses them to get otitis externa.

The best way to avoid an ear infection, as noted experts are to regularly clean the headset and avoid them shared with others. In disinfection, first, remove the residue of wax, and then a good wipe with cotton that is soaked disinfection wash or alcohol. So, even if you do not share the handset with others, you need to on a daily basis to over alcohol conclude ENT


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