7 Characters That Are Good in Bed


You went on a date and you are interested in what is in bed? Here

are ways to learn

People tend to think that a woman who dresses provocatively good in bed, but high heels, mini skirts, and deep cleavage do not mean that you have found a tigress. Came across a woman who likes to look sexy but it has nothing to do with her skills in bed.

To find out more about his girlfriend before you sleep with her, please contact the following seven characters that will have a lot to say.

Favorite food

Beware of the girls they say in the restaurant “Gee, I do not know what would. What are you doing? “. Typically, such women are passive, not only in life but also in the bed. On the other hand, a woman who knows what she wants also knows what she wants in bed. Feelings of food are often the same feelings and desires in bed. Women before had slept with more than one man but did not even know what they want. Today’s women, on the other hand, know exactly what they want and are more prone to experimentation.

The way you eat

Pay attention to eating their food. How much is “thorough” and above all how fast eating, gives a lot of sense. If among those who eat with enjoyment if in a few minutes it is very likely that such in bed and her speeder than a few minutes is sufficient. If among those who long to eat, chew and that long then you will have to try harder in bed to the meet.


According to a study neurologist Adam Hirsch, the fact that a woman loves ice cream a lot of talk about it. If a fan of chocolate ice cream it is a very romantic person, as opposed to those who love strawberries. Vanilla lovers are looking for strong men. So, fans of chocolate – long games in bed, vanilla – fiercer sex.


No, rapid speech does not mean that a fire in the bed, and vice versa, disputes that rolled up. But its pace of speech is still important if you compare with yours. If you are among those who speak fast then you’ll be in bed along just fine with a woman who speaks the same as you. A partner who speaks slowly and partner who speaks 100 words per second, it will never get along. At least according to psychologist Michael Cunningham.


Younger girls are often in bed not relaxed so the weight and achieve orgasm. Many of them even care whether spoil your hair! On the other hand, older, or rather experienced women know exactly what they want and it will say it. Are more relaxed and more will enjoy and you’ll know exactly what to do to meet them.



For women kisses a kind of sex and kisses from her will be able to read a lot. If a woman is sensual is very likely to be excellent in bed. If your hands through your hair while you love, squeezing be with you and gently or loud groan you start jumping for joy – you have found the tigress in bed!


The common perception was that the woman who dances well good in bed, but is this true? In most cases it is! Sex is not just a pose with a turtle’s movements, for good quality sex necessary movements, as in dance. Thus, a woman who dances excellently certainly will not lie as wooden Mary in bed!

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