5 things for which you should visit Budapest

download-2There is no place in the world that at least bears little resemblance to the beautiful Budapest. Vibrant nightlife, architecture astounding, fascinating history and many exciting things that will flood with inspiration.
Hungary is a country that offers everything you need for every taste, so between this list find your favorite thing that you visit:

1. Relax
Budapest is known for its thermal baths, and there is a reason they are spectacular. The thermal baths are something you must visit whether you go for treatment or just for fun. So when you go to Budapest not forget to pack a bathing suit, you will need.

2. Heroes’ Square
Second thing that you must visit in Budapest is exactly the Heroes Square. This square is located at the end of the stylish Andrassy Avenue where you can find many designer shops wardrobe, exclusive brands, beautiful theaters and bookstores.

Just behind the square you can see the beautiful lake freezes in winter, spa resorts and certainly one of the most beautiful zoos.

3. Be gourmet
Surely by now you have heard of Hungarian goulash, but if you have not tried it that you must do during your visit in Budapest. Besides food, special symbol here are out of wine which will delight as well as various sweet liqueurs. Visit Great Market hall in which to spoil your senses to tasting different flavors of food, wine, vegetables, liqueurs and of course it all together with folk art.

4. Time for shopping
If you love shopping then you will adore and Budapest. Apart from well-known stores and boutiques where you can find everything and anything, great news for all shopingholichari it is that in this city throughout the year we organize various fairs and events where you can buy interesting and unusual things.
So just in case you should take another empty suitcase with you, because here you will see many famous Hungarian designer wardrobe pieces and certainly unique works of art.

5. The Art of you
Budapest is a city of art, so you should not miss to see at least a few of the most famous museums that are part of this city, especially the “Hungarian National Gallery”. If you have a chance to go to Budapest in the spring, I did not miss it.

In the spring season, held the famous festival “Night of Museums”, then museums operate throughout the night until the early hours. Then you will have the unique opportunity to witness a revival of museum values.
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