5 Myths About Body

Мany times we come across facts that are important for us and our body, but those facts are true? see below 5 myths about our body.

1.Vitamins do to be healthier
Many people think that vitamins do more healthy. But taking larger quantities than   necessary can lead to decreased immunity and health damage.


2. Without oxygen the blood is blue
Blood oxygen that flows through the veins is blue as shown in the books but dark red. The veins appear to be blue only because of the reflection of light.


3. Left side logic right for creativity
This is only true for certain functions, most functions are evenly distributed in both   hemispheres.


4. Antibiotics kill viruses
Antibiotics kill bacteria, but will not help you and treat colds.


5. You must sleep 8 hours a day
Some people need more sleep, and others less. But if exaggerate sleep it can be harmful to your health.

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