5 Movies That Will Help You Blend The End Ends Up In The Hot Bed


Films for sex
After songs for sex, we bring you a video that can lead to sex. There are those films that on a date with your beloved watch with popcorn and guaranteed google eyes. And there are movies that are checked properly refer to sex and added a little fuel to the fire to warm up yourself and your relationship.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith
This film is to blame for the phenomenon of Brangelina and divorce of Brad and Jennifer. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are John and Jane, the couple who after six years entered into a routine and boredom of living together, a marriage counselor became their best friend. Both have a secret identity and the first act like a normal couple from the suburbs but in fact are top killers. Then get and his last assignment to kill each other. Get ready to scream because it follows a bunch of hot sex scenes in the ruined kitchen and everywhere else. We believe that, after seeing Brangelina sweat and shoot at all fit, find your way to disarm partner.

Eyes Wide Shut
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman starring wealthy couple – Alice his wife one evening recognized one of his sexual fantasies, then Bill becomes extremely jealous, and then obsessed with her fantasy. Although it is only a fantasy, can not bear the thought of someone touching his wife, which leads to a variety of sexual situations. In this movie, you can expect seduction, lies, infidelity, secret societies, murder, erotic fantasy, deviant desires, orgies and much, much more. The film received a lot of attention, among other things, due to the hot sex scenes Kidman and Cruise. Questions the importance of intimacy in marriage and will surely flare flame among couples thanks to having sex with masks, the soundtrack that you overwhelmed and crazy erotic charged atmosphere.

The Fabulous Baker Boys
Bridges brothers (Jeff and Beau) and Michelle Pfeiffer received critical acclaim for this movie about two brothers who as a pianist for coins occur in second-rate clubs. They are joined by a gorgeous blonde (Pfeiffer) who sings and draws the audience, with the growing tension between the brothers. What else can you expect but two guys who hang out at the sexy girls? Even the “Baker Boys” can not put the law of blood in front of the desire, the duo apart. A classic from the late 80s shows that sexuality can grow from nothing but wonderful sung the song sung by beautiful women. And if you do not start, you might turn on you as nominated for four Academy Awards.

And Your Mother Too
Mexican kinematograph journey through sex, friendship, and self-discovery. The two friends, after they have had a very frank and realistic sex with his girlfriend, go on a trip. You’ll have to check what kind of road works. During their vacation, get to know a little bit older woman who is completely open when it comes to making love, sex and simple lark like to get laid. International stars Gael Garcia Berna, Diego Luna and Maribel Verdú had no problem posing as naked characters (figuratively and literally) in scenes that provoke discussion and excitement. If you this movie is not excited, you should check if you have a pulse.

Laurel Canyon
Christian Bale and Kate Beckinsale starring couple who after graduation temporarily, until they find an apartment, staying at the home of Sam (Bale) mother Jane, unconventional music producer and a free soul who is working on an album and every party. While I am under stress due to his wild mother, his wife Alex draws her lifestyle. Laurel Canyon focuses on the connection that is trying to establish intimacy. It also brings some heated sexy moments which in reality probably would never have occurred, (Alex, Jane, and her boyfriend almost taste “in three”) but also a realistic view of the challenges and temptations to figure out what type of love we really want.

Bonus – Dirty Dancing
Number one, after which you and partner definitely want to lock the door of the room is a classic from the ’80s that involves great dancing, acting, and the timeless soundtrack. Jennifer Grey Frances “Baby” Houseman, a girl from New York who meets the dance instructor, Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze) and experience self-revelation – of course, discovering their own sexuality. The two of them have to fight bigotry and charges to their forbidden love won. Who could resist smooth movements by Swayze and Grey and the famous sentence, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner”. If the girls after this humming “time of my life”, you can be calm because you know that you did a good job.

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