We give you 30 tips that every real man should be applied in life


  1. No matter how strong they do not lift a hand to anyone. Just because you can do not mean you should.

  2. Do not take her to the movies on a first date. It’s boring, predictable and already seen.

  3. Every man in a suit just looks better!

4   Practice. Not only will you live healthier but you will also feel better.

5   spend at least some time with their parents. Later you will regret it if you’re not working.

  1. Always drink a glass of beer in which you began. It is implied that the beer leaves not drunk.

  2. When you offer someone a hand, get up on your feet. No way, do not stay sit.

8   Respect everyone, regardless of their status in society.

  1.    If you think that you are the smartest in the room, it just means that you’re wrong.

10   Luckily you can make things easier if you tried.

11   Stop worrying about everything, start to work!

12   Learn to stop doing things that do not make you happy. Stop working and everything that does not make you a better person.


  1. Do not let other issues affecting your life. Serve all the help, but do not let it affect your life.

14   Stop to take care about what others think of you. It should not be your concern.

  1. Do not be insecure about her appearance. Just be free and happy in your own skin.

16   Never insult for something. Everything had to be the way it ended.

17   rid of laziness. Put an end to unproductive days.

18   Stop whining that life is not fair. That’s how it is, and wailing you certainly will not help to change things.

19   Be ambitious one, setting unrealistic goals second. Always keep your dreams as close to the ground.

  1. Decline to believe that it will all come at the right time. You do something to make it real!

  2. You run away from the problem, because they will not go away if you ignore them. Be a man and face them!

22   rid of all the things that are causing you stress (except for those inevitable) and life will be much better.

  1. At all until you have a roof over their heads and food on the table, do not worry a lot about money. Instead chase their dreams.

24   Stop to be someone else. Be who you are and be happy doing it.

25   Leave the excuses and learn from their mistakes.

26   Stop being jealous of success closer. Be happy for them.

  1. It’s never too late to make the cut and start all over again.

28   Never be afraid to express their opinion. But, as you respect their opinion and respect the opinions of others.

29   Always look in the eyes of his interlocutors. Not only did he thus show respect, but will (if you meet constantly view) seem to hide something or you are uncomfortable.

  1. When the handling tight squeeze his hand (not too tight). Loose grip mark the weakness and lack of interest.

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