Challenge is Challenge


It was with That the office in question will have Their charm, but if you opt for sex on the desk or chair is very important That you are familiar with the layout of Their superiors or subordinates, as you would not be surprised. A sex on the battered coffee table, among the papers, will you do the next day to enrich the long working hours.



At any table can have sex – the kitchen, the pool, office … Special charm has carpeted billiard tables and then try to bribe a waiter or guardian to let you out of hours on some action …



The mountain peaks Also Provide an unforgettable experience. Imagine Sex in the fresh and clean air, away from all and is a fantastic view! If you catch the sunrise or sunset experience will be Even More romantic.



Whenever you get a chance to stay at the highest possible rent a room with a balcony. View enriches the experience and knowledge That Are people around you who you can not see only enhances the experience! Just make sure you do not fall and end in the black chronicles.



Any boat anywhere will help. Take That only bills are more distant from the coast as you do not voyeurs to watch and enjoy the charms at the bottom of the boat while you sun’s rays warm, and the waves accompany your rhythm.



Forget the fantasy of our pop stars of sex on the lawn of a large field – it will not happen. But, fortunately, the local football fields On That is very easy to get a good enough – not that the San Bernabeu, but it will help. And the advantage of small courses Is that they do not have security cameras …



Camping can be useful not only for pleasure in nature but Also for giving up passions in nature. Lift the tent somewhere where you know That people do not go and enjoy the pleasure, as in a tent, and in the grass outdoors. And now even think of sex in the tent while it’s raining …



And finally the best. The washing machine has everyone, but few people had to decide and use! Washing is an ideal place for a quickie, so the washing machine to get a whole new dimension. Wait until the machine starts to spin, or Them on, and start the action. The vibrations will INCREASE partners with pleasure, but the drum will hide all the sounds – especially if the machine is older

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