This You Have to Know 10 Things About Whiskey Expert You Should Know

Right drink for men you believe a well known, but if you want to call a real man and an expert on whiskey, you should know these 10 things.

  1. Technical speaking, whiskey can last forever. If the bottle is well sealed and not exposed to sunlight technically whiskey can last forever. And if you open and re-close, still can last very long. The sun’s rays will not change the chemical composition of whiskey, and it thus destroys but will change its taste.

  2.  weather conditions affecting whiskey. Pike Creek whiskey, which is made in Ontario, Canada is special just because of the climatic conditions. namely, because of the proximity of the Great Lakes, the climate is changing tremendously during the year and changing periods of warm and cold weather, which leads to the fact that the barrel expands and contract. Interestingly, with this whiskey is resulting hints of green apples in taste !?

  3. Water can affect the taste. Selection of water is the most important when it takes into account the final taste. So Jack Daniels draws its water from natural sources from the cave while distilleries from Tennessee and Kentucky used natural water in which small amounts of iron which makes the whiskey will ultimately be bitter. The ideal water cold, rich in minerals and non-ferrous.

4 . Whiskey can be made from any grain. Traditionally, the whiskey made from wheat, rye, and barley, but in fact, can be made from any grain. Corsair, a craft distillery from Tennessee a so his whiskey made from oats, buckwheat and spelled. However, industry whiskey is so traditional that few of those distilleries that opt for alternative means of production.

5  The color of whiskey gives barrel. After distillation of whiskey is just like brandy – colorless.


well-known dark color comes from white oak barrels and where to stand. According to experts, cask whiskey gives a 60% taste and 100% color.

  1. Whiskey does not have to lie in new barrels. The most common rule, which is run by the distillery, is that whiskey must be aged in new barrels of white oak. However, there are distilleries such as Jameson and Pikes Creek that his whiskey runs exclusively in previously used barrels. The reason is not in the savings and reduced costs, but that they feel that it gives them a distinctive flavor.

  2. Currently the world’s hundreds of millions of barrels in which the whiskey old. Before it goes on sale distillery run by Scotch years in barrels and how he became a product for sale, and that means that at any time, millions of barrels full of whiskey around the world. Jack Daniels soon Aging currently has 275 million liters of whiskey and Jameson 155 million liters. Kentucky is a true oasis of whiskey because in that state, now lies almost 700 million liters of whiskey, and the oldest is from 1981.

  3.  World whiskey is divided into five to seven regions. Map of the world, the whiskey can be divided into five regions, although some will add two more. The five most important regions are Scotland, Ireland, Tennessee, Kentucky and Canada, while some experts add even Japan, who is in tremendous growth, and New Zealand.

  4. Are there doctors and whiskey. Just as you can Ph.D. in economics, your doctorate in the field of production of whiskey. Master Blenders are in the world of whiskey in high demand, and currently, there is two doctor whiskey Master blender, one in Scotland and the other in the United States.

10 Whiskey you drink and ice. Over whether the whiskey to put an ice cube or not is still cutting issue because many believe that will disrupt the chemical balance of whiskey and ice will destroy the taste of whiskey. However, most experts agree that whiskey final decision should be the one who scotch and drink, ie. To drink it as it more convenient!

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