How Many Times Have Planned To Change The Towel

How often you change the towels? Here is how often you should
Towels we use every day are the perfect breeding ground for fungi and bacteria, and to him are collected dead skin cells, fecal and urinary secretion, secretions from the nose, as well as numerous other calls from the bathroom.

Of course, most of these germs can not harm us, because they are a natural part of our body, but the fact that they reproduce rapidly nowadays still get us to worry. Therefore, as we often need to change and monitor the towels?
“Depending on what you use them. If it comes to towels for the body, after using tumble dry on a radiator, they should not be used more than three times in a row. Small towels you use to dry your hands should be monitored more frequently. They are easier to get dirty because we use it several times a day, so they need to be changed every day. If for towels, in turn,

spreads unpleasant odor, it is a sign that they are on it multiplied microbes and should be washed immediately, “he told Business Insider pathologist and microbiologist Philip Tierno.

SOURCEĀ Business Insider

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