13 True That We Do Not Want To Admit


There are some things you do not want to say, but all the same, they are true

  1. The best we judge when deciding on someone else’s life. However, we act in the best advocates when it comes to decisions in our lives.

  2.  Our sentences always have more sense while in my head, but when they say it.

  3. People who you feel happy you can also make and deplorable because we are dependent on them.

  4. Your environment wants to succeed, but not more than they do.

5 No one wants to be yourself, but a person who suits them.



  1. Nothing lasts forever and it can end. While we are in relation to this we

believe that is not true, but if it is – will happen to someone else.

  1.   Things we do not need to buy with the money do not have to impress people that we are not expensive.

  2. The appearance is important. But no one wants to admit.

  3.  Hard work does not always mean that you will succeed. It takes luck.


  1.  Thinking outside the box only works if you know what it is all inside it.

  2.  People get what they get, and it really has nothing to do whether they deserve it or not!

  3.  Your flaws do not make the original or beautiful. Mana is mana, only people who care about

you they

matter what you have.

  1. Most of us act like we grew up.

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