12 Strangest Customs in China

China has 1.35 billion people and it makes the most populous country in the world, like any other country that has its own customs and rituals that differ significantly from our

So for them it is unacceptable to play with chairs, but on the other hand it’s nothing if loud spit middle of the street.

These are some of the strangest rituals in China:
download1. Wands that you eat can not stand upright
Never even think sticks to stick the rice that you eat, because it reminds them of the ritual is done as giving the victim dead.


2. Belching prices
Belching means enjoy the food we eat and it is the biggest compliment to the chef.


3. cup of tea must continually be filled
The home must ensure guests have constantly filled with cups of tea and toast it must be a sign of gratitude.


4. Deductible gift many timesDo not get mad if you give away some gift and the person in China, and she several times you refuse, because such is the custom.
5. Loud spitting in public
This gesture is not strange for not only the streets but also for closed spaces and public transport.
6. Police used dogs instead geese
After Chinese authorities geese have far better vision, louder and can be aggressive, so it is used as a substitute for police dogs.

7. Compliments do you accept with gratitude
Accepting compliments indicates that you are vain person, so it is not desirable to thank them.
8. It is not decent showing with finger
In places where there are Tibetan population is decent showing with a finger to any person or thing. It is customary to use the whole hand.

9. Tipping is offensive
If someone openly give him a tip directly insulting, because his “say” not well capable to do the job. It is allowed only in hotels.
10. They want to portray to you
In many places it can be some of the locals ask you to take pictures with you.
11. The beach wear face masks
In 2004 appeared facekini – face mask that protects the skin from the sun, because the main trend in China is to stay pale in the face while you’re enjoying the summer vacation.
kje-ve-iznenadat-12-cudni-obicai-od-kina-512. People regularly took a nap on the street
To sleep in the middle of the street in China is not surprising, on the contrary it is common practice that practice a number of Chinese.

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