10 Moments When The Women Certainly In The Mood For Sex


that as there are times when you women refuse to have sex, there are those when will surely agree


Rare are the moments when a man is not about sex, but on the other hand, men will say that the rare moments when a woman is in the mood for action in bed. But just as there are times when you women refuse to have sex, there are those when will surely agree.


  1. Time creativity. Whether it is about cooking demanding lunch, rearrangement rooms, drawing, or something else which shows your creativity, the right time to make the most of this moment for the exchange of tenderness.

Abstinence second. If the woman you started dating a long time was free and it was not with a man, then this is the ideal opportunity for you.

  1. Passion distance. Though long distance relationships can be very complicated, as far as sex life, he will flourish.

  2. Sex movie. Most women do not like porn, but sex scenes in movies are sure to interest you.

5   Tulum. Nothing is so warm in sex as a good ‘squeeze’ on the dance floor and a glass of your favorite beverage.

Ovulation sixth. Two weeks from the first day of menstruation starts ovulation in women, and many women were then terribly horny. Therefore, do not hesitate to take action, because right now that you need to do.

7   Jealousy. It is not a psychopathic jealousy but that small and innocent insecurity that at times occurs in every woman. Then is the time to show that making love is wrong. Well, do not exploit and deliberately do jealous.

8   Stress. The best cure for stress is sex so relax your wife and treat her evening to remember.

9   happy occasion. If you just graduated, got a new job, became pregnant, it’s time that this positive energy point to great sex.

  1. After an argument. You know what they say, makeup sex is the sweetest

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