Тrick of the Мanagement Тeam OR Indeed Paid 1,500 Bitcoin to Unlock the Rooms of the Hacked System for the Hotel?


One of the top hotels in Europe reported having paid a ransom in Bitcoin currency of hackers who took over the system for unlocking and locking the doors of the rooms with guests or were locked inside and could not enter.
Angry managers of the hotel “Romantik Seehotel Jaegerwirt”, a luxurious 4-star hotel on the slopes of the Austrian Alps, decided to announce this publicly, for others to guard against similar attacks.

They expect such attacks to be more common and has already contacted several colleagues from the industry, where he was told that they faced similar hacker attack.

Hotel management said the hotel for the third time is the target of cyber criminals, and the last time space completely blocks the system lock. Guests could not get us out of the rooms and the keys could not be reprogrammed.

The attack took place on the first weekend of the winter season when the hotel was full, there were reservations for 180 guests. Hackers not only taken a locking system but attacked the system for booking and cash register system.

They promised to rid the system if they are paid 1,500 euros in Bitcoin currency.

Managers decided this time to pay off the purchase because the first two times they needed more money to reboot your system.

“We did not receive compensation from insurance because there was no one to blame could not find that,” says the manager of the hotel.

According to him, was cheaper to pay hackers, however, he says that every euro paid to criminals hurt.

When hackers took the money, the system worked normally. However, hackers leave you open “back door” to be able to attack again.

But the fourth time will be no claim from the hotel because computers are replaced, and the system is built to the latest safety standards.

“Seehotel Jaegerwirt”, spanning 111 years, there is still an innovative solution to this problem. “The next renovation of the hotel, will put back as 111 years ago, at the time of our forefathers, with a normal key, old-fashioned,” said the manager.

To use Bitcoin as a currency for repayment in Cybercrime is growing, because to follow payments is very difficult, because of the way this works Krypto valuta

Source :  Makfaks

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